Custom Events


The Galleria Ballroom All That Jazz Dance Workshop Saturday December 28th Announcing our next Dance Workshop with our featured Teacher Tommy Collins – Tommy is currently an instructor for Showstoppers and was a dance professional with Myrtle Beach LEGENDS.
10 a.m. – Jazz Dance Warm Up With Tommy Collins – Start off the All That Jazz Workshop with a session with our featured teacher Tommy Collins
11 a.m. – Astaire Styling – Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your Foxtrot. We will study the styling of Fred Astaire – the famous Astaire Sway, proper Foxtrot footwork, and one of his signature movements the ‘Corkscrew’.
Noon – Lunch Break. We are located in Restaurant Row with plenty of great places to dine.
1:00 By popular demand – The West Coast Swing
2:00 The Christmas Cookie Cabaret – Bring in your leftover Christmas Cookies and lets have a Talent Show! On the schedule so far – Paul sings and a Mae West impression. What can you do? Tell a joke. Sing a song. Play an instrument. do a magic trick.

Ballroom for Singles – The Grand Strands only Ballroom Group Class dedicated to Singles Only.  Meet new people and make new friends while you learn how to dance the Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Swing, Foxtrot, Salsa and more.  This group begins Wednesdays at 8:00. $10 per person per activity.

Do you need something special such as a wedding routine, preparing for a cruise or event?  The Galleria Ballroom can help you accomplish your goals. Lets us know what you have in mind and we will make it happen.

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