Tuesday is Advanced & More Beginners Ballroom

7:00 is our Advanced Ballroom Group Class in Smooth, Latin and Rhythm – there is absolutely no studio on the Grand Strand offering a group class like this.  During this session we will be learning the advanced patterns and styles of Smooth (Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango) plus Latin & Rhythm (Salsa, Rumba, Cha-cha, East Coast and West Coast Swing, Calypso, Samba and more).  Here our dancers will learn proper foot techniques, focus on posture & balance, timing and other aspects of good ballroom dance training.  Because of the nature of this group class it is suggested that the students are familiar with solid basics before enrolling in these advanced group classes.


8:00 Couples Ballroom Dancing.  Learn all of most popular ballroom dances, lead & follow, music timing and footwork.  Become the best dance couples. Impress your friends.

We host a practice party every Friday night at 7:00 and you are encouraged to attend. See the Friday Tab for party themes and information.

And, oh by the way – Its FREE to watch a lesson, just come in to the dance center, we have comfortable chairs and you can see a group class, no need to phone ahead just drop in.